Return Number in Words Using JavaScript

CodeWars Switch It Up Numbers as Words

One of the answers I’ve submitted on CodeWars that gets a lot of comments is in response to this prompt: When provided with a number between 0-9, return it in words. Input :: 1 Output :: “One”. If your language supports it, try using a switch statement. The solution I’ve posted (which is very similar … Read more

How to Take Full Page Screenshots in Google Chrome

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome

If you’re like me, you take browser screenshots multiple times per day as you’re creating web sites and interacting with designers, product managers, etc. For a long time I’ve been using a Chrome plugin to achieve this. UNTIL NOW. I recently stumbled on a way to take screen shots of full web pages without leaving … Read more

How To Fix Git Commit Messages

How to Fix Git Commit Messages

Every once in a while, I’ll make a mistake in my Git commit message and I will need to go back and fix it. You would think rewording your message would be more intuitive, but nay. Assuming your most recent commit was the problem (otherwise you would change the number to indicate how far back … Read more