How to Take Full Page Screenshots in Google Chrome

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome

If you’re like me, you take browser screenshots multiple times per day as you’re creating web sites and interacting with designers, product managers, etc. For a long time I’ve been using a Chrome plugin to achieve this. UNTIL NOW. I recently stumbled on a way to take screen shots of full web pages without leaving … Read more

HTML Text Formatting and Decorators

Formatting Text in HTML

Formatting text is easy when you’re using something like a Word Document or a Google Doc, but what about when you want to do the same kind of thing in your web page? How do you make words bold, italic, underlined or how do you strike through some words? Watch the video to find out!

HTML Headings

HTML Headings

HTML Headings help us break our web pages into logical sections, which make it easy to skim over documents and also make it easy for search engines to parse our web pages and make them easy to find on the web.

How To Fix Git Commit Messages

How to Fix Git Commit Messages

Every once in a while, I’ll make a mistake in my Git commit message and I will need to go back and fix it. You would think rewording your message would be more intuitive, but nay. Assuming your most recent commit was the problem (otherwise you would change the number to indicate how far back … Read more

HTML Paragraphs and Spacing

HTML Paragraphs and Spacing

In this video, we talk about paragraph tags — <p>, break tags — <br> and non-breaking space entities — &nbsp;. We’re just diving into actual elements that go inside the body tag, and where better to start than telling the browser how to treat your text?